About BulletProof Productions

BulletProof Productions, LLC is located at 630 West Mount Pleasant Ave, Livingston NJ, i.e. Route 10, inside our flagship attraction Bane Haunted House complex. We have 16 acres with over 900 illuminated parking spots. Our building is 100% handicap accessible as with any and all events held at the Bane Haunted House complex.

BulletProof Productions is owned and operated by Jennifer Condron, a 31 year old Rutgers Graduate and a haunt/ horror production entrepreneur, With the assistance of close relatives, friends and hardworking dedicated employees, BulletProof Productions has taken the haunt industry by storm.

In the beginning we started out as a small haunted house attraction housed under a tent of only 4,000 sq. ft. in the parking lot of Livingston Mall in NJ. In only 4 years BulletProof Productions, LLC has grown exponentially into an innovate, game changing, full multi service production and entertainment company in a stand-alone 40,000 sq. ft. complex, consisting of the following subsidiaries:

BulletProof Productions, LLC prides itself on being a one stop family entertainment and production facility that provides a safe and fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy no matter the age or gender.