Apocalypse, NJ

Special Event: March 4, 2017
@ Bane Haunted House

The year was 1987. Scientists working on a top secret project at the Bane Compound accidentally release a toxic chemical into the air, inflicting themselves with an unknown virus. The virus caused severe genetic mutation, turning the scientists into cannibalistic flesh eating monsters. The infected scientists quickly went in search of prey, attacking anyone and everyone they came into contact with. The virus spread quickly, as those who were victims of the infected soon became infected themselves, lusting to devour the flesh of the living.

In order to stop the virus from spreading outside of the Bane Compound, the entire area was quarantined, walled off with absolutely no way in or out. Whoever was inside those walls, living or dead, remains there to this day. No one, or nothing has entered the compound, no one or nothing has left the compound since that fateful day in 1987.

Today, 30 years later, radiation levels have been at zero for some time, and the threat of an airborne exposure to the virus is gone. The government has decided it is time to put an end to this disaster for good. They have assembled a team a Black Ops Special Forces to enter the Bane Compound and eradicate any remaining infected before destroying the entire compound and its grounds.

These ‘monsters’ feel no pain and are impervious to injury. The only way to kill them is to destroy the brain with a bullet or blunt object. You’ll be armed with a full weight, metal body replica M4 Rifle, and your mission will be to seek out and destroy the infected. But be warned, the infected will be doing the same to you.

This is a special mission with limited tickets available, so sign up now before it’s too late! Let the 80’s zombies know there is no safety (dance) – with a swift shot to the face when you encounter them.

  1. Choose teams of 4 – 5 people,
  2. Suit up with our weapons,
  3. Train before the onslaught begins,
  5. Try to make it out alive…


You must arrive 5 minute to your time-slot. If you are late, you are not guaranteed entrance.

In the case of inclement weather causing us to postpone our event, all tickets will be honored at equal value for use at any future apocalypse event. No Refunds will be offered!

Note: No refunds, no exceptions.
With the purchase of a ticket, the ticket holder grants permission to bulletproof productions DBA bulletproof haunts and Bane haunted house to utilize the ticket holders image in connection with any broadcast or other reproduction of this event, including but not limited to video, audio, photos, customer testimonials, Internet broadcast or social media broadcasts.


Our recruit mission is the perfect training option for beginner zombie hunters. This operation takes place with lights on and is shorter than our Blacks Ops mission.

These zombies are less aggressive so all they need is one head shot to take them down. With our recruit mission you will get one reload and a total of 300 rounds of Ammo! You must arrive 5 minutes prior to your timeslot.


Our New Black Ops Mission is the ultimate zombie killing mission. You will be given a task to complete, a total of 3 reload stations, 600 rounds of ammo and you get to face our ravenous zombie horde all while in complete darkness! To help kill these new more aggressive zombies, multiple head shots will be needed and your gun will be equipped with a tactical flashlight to help guide your way. Good Luck!

  1. Choose teams of 4 – 5 people,
  2. Pick your weapons,
  3. Training before the onslaught begins,
  4. Then fight off hungry zombie assailants!