Tactical Training

Law Enforcement Training Equipment

Real Life Scenarios – Real Time Training – Anywhere & Anytime!

Tactical Training

The right tools for law enforcement crisis management

BulletProof Tactical’s arsenal and tracking system, made by iCombat, provides law enforcement training with the best method possible for tactical training in any location.

Tactical Training Equipment

Using technology to save lives

Our weapons including our irM4, the first and primary training rifle available, is modeled after the AR15 platform, which allows law enforcement to realistically train in any environment. The rifle along with our other weapons in our arsenal, discharges no projectile but instead emits an infrared signal, which is entirely eye safe will not harm nearby objects. Trainees wear the irHarness or irVest, which can pick up shots fired from any of our state of the art weapons.

Tactical Training

As real as it gets

With our equipment and software, we are afforded the ability to provide law enforcement agencies from around the nation a safe and reliable training product that can function in almost any environment. Tactical teams can practice entry, movement, hostage situations, and more, all while allowing instructors to participate. The need for protective gear is eliminated and no mess is created. Teams can easily run their drill and leave when the time comes. BulletProof Tactical’s system is quick, efficient, and allows for training in all and any situations.