Tactical Training
Real Life Scenarios – Real Time Training – Anywhere & Anytime!

Mobile Rental Package

BulletProof Tactical is ready to bring our mobile training fleet to your next training event on the East Coast! We understand the trainers desire to provide the best possible training and equipment for your officers. We also understand what “limited resources” means!

Our mobile training fleet consists of:

  • 15 irM4 Rifles
  • 17 irVests
  • 10 irPistols
  • 10 StressX Shock Belts
  • 10 irHeadbands
  • 10 Bandoleers for more precise targeting
  • 1 Command Control Module with ICE Software Package to track your training
  • 1 System Technician on site
We have used our mobile fleet to train over 100 officers in one training day, through multiple scenarios.
  1. Contact us to schedule your training.
  2. BulletProof Tactical arrives at your training site and outfits your officers.
  3. Conduct your training.
  4. BulletProof Tactical recovers our equipment and leaves the site.
Schools, buses, courthouses, banks, businesses, ANYWHERE!
  • No hanging plastic and cardboard
  • No clean up
  • No safety equipment
  • NO Hassle!

Discounts offered for contracting a minimum of four training events for the year.