Team on Team Play

Looking to have some fun with your friends? Want to see who’s really top dog? Then come and check out our all new team on team event. We supply you and your team members with the same weapons used in our zombie apocalypse and then you get ready for battle. You and your teammates will go up against other teams to see who comes out as the head honchos! As an added twist, we hand out secret missions to each teams’ captains before each game. We also offer a ton of different missions to choose from!

  • Capture the Flag: A team wins by eliminating all the players of the opposing team or capturing the opposing team’s flag and returning it to their own base.
  • Manhunt: This isn’t your typical game of hide and seek. In this game, one teammate will be nominated as the “hunted” as the other teammates are the hunters. The goal of this game is for the “hunted” to make it to a centralized home base before they are shot down by the “hunters”.
  • Intelligence: Before each game, our commanders will hide certain objects around the field. Teams start at opposite ends of the field, and when the buzzer sounds, each time must venture out and gather the intelligence. The game ends when one team posesses ALL of the objects in their own home base.
  • Deathmatch: In this game each team starts off at different sides of the field. When a player is hit, they must return to central station to respawn. At the end of the match, the team with the most number of kills, wins!